Resources: How to Buy

Cooperative Purchasing


The Local Government Purchasing Cooperative was created to increase the purchasing power of government entities and to simplify their purchasing by using a customized electronic purchasing system called the BuyBoard.

The Cooperative analyzes and makes award recommendations for products and services that have been submitted for competitive procurement as outlined by state statute.

All awarded items or catalogs will be posted on a secure website, called the BuyBoard, so that Cooperative members can search for and select items and order. The BuyBoard is only available to members.


Miracle FunRaising

Fund your new playground fast with the help of Miracle's simple and effective FunRaising program. We’ll help you create a custom program for your group that offers:

  • 50% profit on food and non-food programs
  • Free brochures, parent letters and money envelopes
  • Fully prepared fundraising packets for kick-off distribution
  • Customer orders that are individually packaged, labeled with participants name and ready for delivery
  • A personal FunRaising representative to help out every step of the way

Funraising Event Ideas

Hosting fundraising events shows that you are serious about your goal, reaches out to potential donors who aren’t likely to give over the internet, and can be a lot of fun. Here are just a few ideas to consider:

  • Car Wash
  • Bake Sale
  • 5K or "Family Fun Run"
  • Festival


Crowfunding is a great way to fundraise. With the click of a link potential donors can read about your project (the reason behind it and the goals you have in sight), see your progress and make donations. Two great sites to use for crowfunding are GoFundMe or Kickstarter.

There are a few key reasons this fundraising route is successful:

  • People can see a visual representation of your goal via the website.
  • It’s easy – they can donate with the click of a button and they are done.
  • It offers privacy. They can choose to make their donation public or private.
  • It’s far-reaching – people have to be in town to attend a fundraising event. Crowfudning links can be shared via social media, email and text message and people can donate from anywhere in the world.


What Are Grants for Playgrounds?

Grants are money given for specific projects such as playgrounds. Grants can come from many sources, including:

  • National grants. This form of financing is available to playgrounds across the country.
  • Corporate grants. Some businesses support communities by offering money for playground equipment. These are private grants.
  • Government grants. Government agencies offer funding for many community and school projects, including playgrounds.
  • Regional grants. Your county, municipality or other local government may have programs and grants in place to encourage community development or programs for children. In some cases, this funding can be used for playgrounds.

Eligibility requirements vary widely, depending on a grant. Some are only for non-profit organizations or require you to show how your playground will help your community. Check out Miracle Recreation’s Grant Guide for more information.


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