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No park is complete without the park bench. We have a bench style that will perfectly complement your park. Give us a call and let us know what you’re looking for.

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We have picnic tables in many different styles, shapes, sizes and materials. Browse some of them here and contact us for a quote today.

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webuildfun, inc. supplies many additional site amenities including litter receptacles, grills, bike racks, pool slides and athletic equipment.

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Engineered Wood Fiber

Engineered Wood Fiber from webuildfun, inc., contains 100% virgin softwoods and/or hardwoods, consisting of randomly sized wood fibers, the majority of which do not exceed 1.5” in length, and contain 10% to 20% fines to aid in compaction and cohesion. The product we supply is certified by IPEMA to ASTM standards F1232 and F2075. Certificates of compliance are available at www.ipema.org. Wood Fiber product intended for playgrounds must certify non-toxic and cannot contain any recycled wood material, pallets, or any wood contaminated with paint, chemicals, preservatives or additives. The Wood Fiber must contain minimal bark and be free of twigs, leaf debris or any other organic materials, and must certify as non-flammable.

Synthetic Surfaces

We work with top suppliers in the synthetic safety surfacing business to bring you several choices, including poured rubber surfaces, rubber tiles and artificial turf. Contact us for more details on these options and a quote for your playground.